A first curated list of videos

We are huge fans of (great) music, and this is a rather opinionated stream of music videos, interviews, concerts and live clips. In addition to the videos themselves (most of which are on YouTube and will be part a dedicated channel) we’ll post some (meta) information about each pick.

Let’s start with a few old classics, and a couple of future classics:

Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat

This is a great song taken from the Bronski Beat album “The Age of Consent” (on the back of the album actual AoC’s are listed for different countries). There are actually two different video versions of this song; the one here is by far the most played (it is also the official video). Highly recommended, also for homophobic twats.

Depeche Mode – Precious

This video is not the official video to accompany the single, but a promo / first take version. The music is the same, I actually like the visuals better than in the official version.

David Byrne – Everybody’s coming to my house

From DB’s stellar album “American Utopia” which he just had to write and release during the terrible times of freak president Trump. Not that sure what the lyrics are about, but anyone opposing to Trump gets our votes. And its very cool that they are all barefoot.

Orbital & Sleaford Mods – Dirty Rat

Awesome. SG together with Orbital. The vocals & dialect is just amazing. These guys are quite political, a bit to the left, which is why this matters. And again, the dialect, mid-England of sorts.

People talk about the right way to live
Shut up you don’t know what ya on about
You voted for em, look at ya!
You dirty rat

Blaming everyone in the hospitals
Blaming everyone at the bottom of the English Channel
Blaming everyone who doesn’t look like a fried animal

Apoptygma Berzerk – In this together

Apoptygma Berzerk – In this together

Apoptygma is a Norwegian band in the EBM-genre. We’ve seen them quite a few times, they make brilliant gigs with tons of energy. This is good shit for synth-fans.

Pet Shop Boys – Left to my own devices

It is impossible not to share something from the magnificent Pet Shop Boys. We often find ourselves wikipedia-clicking around on this webpage: geowayne.com. A brilliantly curated collection of Pet Shop Boys information, the most comprehensive we’ve seen for any band. Here is a live take of their epic “Left to My Own Devices” . They will soon (April 17th) be out with an EP, and are currently recording a new album.

Esbjørn Svensson Trio – from Gagarins Point of View

Time for some jazz! Commemorating the late Esbjørn Svensson, who tragically died in a diving accident in 2008.

The The – $1 One Vote!

For those speaking Scandinavian, have a listen at NRKs brilliant radio program “Transmission” to indulge yourselves in everything post-punk, including The The.