This where we share the best visual music experiences found on YouTube and other channels. We’ve been enjoying music videos, live concerts, interviews and performances since the 80-ties, and host a large private collection of material on our own AV-setup.

Since most of the stuff we like already are to be found on the Internet, we thought it would be a cool thing to share a curated experience with those who are interested.

The selections are personal and opinionated, and we’ll use any opportunity to discredit objectively fucked up meanings whenever we have the chance. That’s why you’ll probably find that we have a passion for music with strong lyrics nagging dictators like Putin and Trump, religious conservatives, the egoistically rich, American Republicans, Trump-supporters, *phobics, Brexiters – and that’s just the beginning.

We’ll probably also get a YouTube-channel up and running any time soon

We’ll be posting around 10 videos every week. And quite possibly we’ll create a YouTube-channel to collect everything.