Goodbye Ryuichi Sakamoto – and it’s a Mad World

Ryuichi Sakamoto sadly passed away March 28th 2023, so it is a good opportunity to look at some of his creations – alone, and together with David Sylvian as the legendary band Japan.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence / Ryuichi Sakamoto – From Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Piano 2022

Take this great composition and add vocals by David Sylvian, and you are in for at treat in “Forbidden Colours”.

David Sylvian’s debut solo single became “Red Guitar” from the album “Brilliant Trees“. It is very cool that the video is directed by music video hero, Anton Corbijn. I think I find the video better than the song itself, though.

For those of us into synth, Ryuichi’s band Yellow Magic Orchestra proved to be way ahead of their time. Here is Rydeen from 1980.

And a last pick from YMO; a live recording of a great composition, “Behind the Mask”.

Around 2005 I discovered Mylene Farmer; a French artist who’s been very serious about her music videos and live performances. She has been a long time collaborator with Laurent Boutonnat, who’s directed many of her videos and co-writing songs with her. Mylene’s live shows are always very extravagant and visual, and often she invites other artists on stage to perform a song or two with her. Gary Jules had a hit with a cover of Tears for Fears’ excellent “Mad World”, and in 2003 he performed together with Mylene in Paris.

Exellent! Then, let’s have a look at Gary Jules’ own cover – also this is visual treat:

And finally, the original with Tears for Fears, which is much more up-tempo.

That’s all for now, till next week, enjoy!