New video boy Pet Shop Boys ++

Everything But the Girl – Run a Red Light

Let’s start with Everything But The Girl, and a shot from their magnificent new album, Fuse [Spotify]:

Pet Shop BoysThe Lost Room

Inspired by the 1966 movie “Young Törless” based on a book he’d previously read, Neil Tennant wrote these utterly dark lyrics. “The lost room” refers to a place where boys in military school was humiliated / tortured buy bully boys. Again, very relevant. This is one of the four songs on the “Lost” EP, which can be found on streaming services such as Spotify + as a CD bundled with the latest number of Annually.

Nabihah IqbalThis World Couldn’t See Us

Also brand new is this song by a (to me) unknown artist, Nabihah Iqbal, very catchy and with a bass sound that brings the thoughts back to New Order’s Peter Hook.

Future Islands – Doves

This is a fairly new band to me (though they was formed in 2006); they played in Oslo late 2022 and I got to see the concert which was very good – apart from the sound. The sound was actually quite terrible. I had to leave just before one of their best songs, Doves, was played. And this is how I discovered Future Islands – I try to catch up on anything Vince Clarke, and so I found his remix of this song. I’ve included both the remix (with no proper video) and the original (with singer Samuel Herring bouncing around).

Mesh – You Didn’t Want Me

In the nineties, I was a frequent guest at a fantastic club and café called “So What” and “Café Image”, respectively. And in 1997, when I entered Café Image for a beer, Tom there was playing a new single by Mesh, “You Didn ‘t Want Me”. And that is how I started to buy their albums and go to a few of their concerts.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

Yello – Touch Yello – Virtual Concert

Ending this post with a virtual concert by Yello. This was done a few years before they did a small tour back in 2017.

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